aroma en bruto

Set of espresso cup and base plate

After visiting an obsidian mine, we discovered the conchoidal shape exposed in the obsidian when breaking or cutting and the way of working an uncut rock is where the inspiration of creating this set came from. We get reunited to tell stories, tales and experiences sharing the indescribable fragrance of a cup of coffee. The modern era meets the past when we are talking about a cup of coffee. Our intention, to take a deep breath fill with energy before starting the day.

Design by Mariana Solís, Sachie Sakai and Alejandro Morales

Ceramics by Taller Paco Padilla

Brand errante mx - "We seek through materials and techniques to design with meaning, leaving a part of ourselves and our own experiences, which are part of who we are and who we will become.

2016 tlaquepaque, mexico