Experimental Project on Birch Bark

Heritage can be embedded in the material and non-material world. Through the material world the knowledge of biodiversity, costumes and crafts is transmitted. While the non-material world is about tacit and explicit knowledge, and about experiencing. So, heritage carries and forms identity. Under this concept and searching to reintegrate birch bark and birch bark weaving craft technique as material and craft, the project experimented with possible uses and applications.

The project was merely experimenting with the raw material.

Birch Bark

Design by Natalie Ahonen, Einari Leskinen, Henna Nuutinen, Anni Salonen and Mariana Solís

September - October 2018 Espoo, Finland

Photography by Henna Nuutinen, Nathalie Ahonen and Mariana Solís

If we forget the origin of making
then we lose respect for the objects
.and for our identity.
.To prevent, we have to reintegrate craft values.