silla tlacotalpeña

Corridor Chair

Inspired in the butaque lounge, a typical chair found in the region. This lounge has been re-design by Clara Porset, Luis Barragán and others. The result is my own interpretation of the butaque lounge. Inspired by the Tlacotalpan River region in Veracruz.

Cedar wood and partridge eye weave with plastic

Carpentry by Casa Prieto

Workshop The Chair that Rocks by José de la O

Photography Lobsanth Ortega and Mariana Solís

The experience in Tlacotalpan... One week in a small town in this small town in Veracruz, Mexico, seeking to connect with the people and its traditions through craft. Being inspired by the quiet life and its colored streets next to a long blue river.

2016 tlacotalpan, veracruz, mexico